Own Your Book Reading Planner

A 27 page book reading planner to guide you through planning your reading routine for a smooth and productive book reading like never before.

Available in A5, A4, US letter, half letter and editable version.


Have you started reading books but you are feeling overwhelmed with finding the best way to create a reading routine?

Did you spend hours and days trying to create a book reading planner but you do not seem to be getting it right?

Are you confused about creating a book reading routine?Maybe you have already decided on the books you want to read but creating a planner on your own will take too long and you want to save your time?

You know successful people are using their reading routine to learn and expand their knowledge but you have no idea where to start without wasting your time on strategies that don’t work?

Maybe it feels like all the effort you put into reading a book is for nothing…


Plan for your WHOLE YEAR book reading in under 2 HOURS.
Use your book reading routine to practice personal development and achieve your  reading goals by intentionally planning for it.
Spend Waste less time on trying to create a book reading planner and use the already made template to plan for your book reading.
Increase your reading PRODUCTIVITY by saving 90% of your time every reading session and get more done in less time.
I’m not kidding…check out what others are saying about the planner…


I really like this planner. It has helped me plan my book reading and oriented me to reading books. Reading books has so far given me insights of different aspects of life, managing my thoughts , emotions and making decisions. Thank you for the planner.


Your reading routine isn’t just about picking a book and reading. Your overall reading routine requires the right mindset that allows you to achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself everyday.

I designed this planner as a starting point to guide you through the various things you need to plan for your book reading routine.

The planner contains specific partitions and relevant things you should plan for your reading. Everything in the planner is optimized to ensure that you leave no stone untouched for your reading routine.

I have outlined for you the exact things you need to plan for to make sure that you are planning till the end. I will walk you through every detail you need to consider for your book reading routine.

You may be new to book reading and you want to get your reading routine right from the start.

Or perhaps you’re already used to reading books but you are not making the most of your reading routine.

You might be wondering how everyone else does it?

                                                        Here’s what included:

Reading log, wish list, bookshelf and journal

The reading log allows you to note down the books you are currently reading while the wish list entails the books that wish to read. The bookshelf helps you know the books you have . The journal is for writing down how you felt while reading the book, the lessons learnt and experience with it.

Reading challenge,book review,favorite quotes and authors

The reading challenge will help you challenge yourself to read more books over a period of time. Book review will help you write a detailed review of a book.The favorite quotes page is for noting down quotes that you loved after reading the books while the favorite author page is for your favorite author and the books that they have written that you love.

Daily,weekly and monthly reading schedule with a yealry reading glance

The daily,weekly and monthly reading schedule will help you plan for your reading while the reading glance is for looking back at how your reading has been all year long.

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Get your 27 page book reading planner with the best outlines for planning with an instant download when you purchase! Available in A5, A4, US letter, half letter and editable version.

                                                               ABOUT THE PLANNER CREATOR

Hey there,fellow reading person! I’m Nelly , the creator of Kamencu Nelly, a part time blogger and Radiography student. I own a popular blog at www.kamencunelly.co.ke where I help modern women practice self care, personal development and be mentally healthy so that they can live a fulfilling life.3 years ago, I was depressed and hopeless in life. My life didn’t seem to be going in any specific direction and I was having suicidal thoughts.

It wasn’t until I got rejected by a man who I thought would save me that I realized that I needed to level up.It all began by reading books to which later translated to creating a reading routine that made me love myself more and be mentally healthy. I later realized that they are more women who are going through the same ordeal I experienced but do not have anyone to help them out. This prompted me to create this blog to reach these women and met their specific needs and to let them know that it is possible for anyone to overcome depression and be happy on their own.

I created this planner to help you organize your book reading . I have come to see how powerful a reading routine can be to anyone’s mental health. My reading routine has not only healed my depression but also added meaning to my life.

I present to you my  book reading masterpiece planner to help you,too own your  reading. Let’s grow your book reading .-Nelly

This planner is perfect for you if you…

Own your morning routineHave started reading books and you want to plan your book reading routine faster than creating your own planner.

Own your morning routineAre not sure if you are planning your book reading routine the right way.

Own your morning routineWant to make sure you are not wasting your time creating a book reading planner that you will not follow.

Own your morning routineWant to save time by having an all-in-one book reading planner that you can fill at your own pace.

Own your morning routineAre looking to build the best book reading routine!

You do not need this planner if you can say yes to all the below. You…

Own your morning routineAlready have a book reading planner in place and you are sticking to it.

Own your morning routineHave a clear understanding of how to create your own book reading planner and wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time on creating it.

                                                            FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS



Will this planner work for me if I already have a  book reading planner?

Yes.You can use this planner to review and optimize your existing  book reading routine as it might have more options and outlines than your current planner.

What format is the planner?

The planner is in a digital format and will be delivered to you as a PDF after you have made your purchase that you can download and print it out. The editable version is also available and you can use it on your tablet or desktop. In case you have any concerns, reach me at nelly@kamencunelly.co.ke

How long do I have access to the planner?

Forever! I know that this planner will be useful to you for the rest of your life and I wouldn’t want to make it inaccessible to you anytime you need it.

As soon as you make your purchase, your planner will be delivered to you via the email that you will use when making the purchase. So make sure that you use the right mail when entering your billing information.

Do you offer refunds or a money-back guarantee?

Due to the digital nature of the planner, I cannot offer refunds or money back guarantee for it.

However, If you have any questions concerning the planner, I am always available to answer you. You just have to email me at nelly@kamencunelly.co.ke

How fast can I plan for my book reading routine?

That depends on how much time you can dedicate to plan for your book reading. Also, the number of books you want to read determines how fast you will plan for your book reading.

I have found that planning for my monthly reading routine first saves time. You just have to transfer the information from your monthly planner into your weekly and daily planner.

This feels like a lot of money. Is your planner really worth its price?

Let’s consider an example. The cheapest way to create a planner is to do it yourself on a book or a piece of paper. That can take you more than two hours drawing the lines and figuring out which is the best layout for your planner. If you instead used that two hours to read a book, you will be a step closer to achieving your goals and becoming a better version of yourself. Maybe the book that you will have read would solve a problem in your life or give you a business idea that will earn you millions.

This planner will also help you organize your whole year book reading which will give you a clear roadmap of how you can achieve your reading goals step-by-step in the deadline that you have set.

If self improvement helps you double your income or productivity in the shortest time possible , then $13.99 is just the icing on the cake.

Is my payment secure?

Your security is very important to me. That’s why I have partnered with PayPal to ensure that your payment is safe. Your billing is protected and encrypted.

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